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Recording, Reporting & Security

On this page you will find all the useful products for registration or cost reporting tools but also identity and access control tools specially designed for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

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With Verint Verba, you can add enterprise-levelrecording capabilities UC across platforms Skype for Business to capture all modes of communication: voice, instant messaging, video, desktop, screen and application sharing.) 
Recording & Reporting


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SphereShield is a security platform designed to enable organizations to manage access control, compliance and threat protection issues. The SphereShield platform is based on a proprietary reverse proxy with extensible multi-protocol filtering capabilities and an administrator site for product management, reporting and configuration. SphereShield can be implemented on-premise or at cloud.


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With the increase of devices connected to different telecommunication networks from traditional telephony (TDM) to mobile technologies (GSM, WIFI, DECT) to VoIP , it is very important to control the use of equipment, to check and validate invoices and organisational levels. Flexcom, with its range of Calltax solutions, can help you meet these challenges.

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UC Provisioning Tool manages and provides:
1. Site and users
2. Telephone number ranges
3. Common telephones and IP telephones
4. Provisioning of users in Skype for Business and Exchange
5. Migration to the corporate voice
6. Billing calculation and reporting
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MaxACD clients Skype for Business clients provide a unified desktop application for agents and supervisors. Call waiting and automatic call distribution, interactive voice response (IVR), real-time history and reporting, and remote agent support.  


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