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Specialist in migration Office 365 / Microsoft 365

for medium and large companies / multinationals

Your interest in using a specialist migration Office 365 /Microsoft 365

It is true that Microsoft has made available to the public suitable tools to perform a migration Office 365 / Microsoft 365. However, the procedure is not automatic. The tasks are quite complex and require special skills in the field. Some obstacles may give you a headache.

In short, migration can cause many disadvantages for companies. In order to succeed with migration and to benefit from personalised support, it would be wiser to use the services of a specialist in migration Office 365 / Microsoft 365. Lambert Consulting knows the sector very well and can offer tailor-made solutions to companies, depending on their needs and the applications and volume of what needs to be 365 In short, entrusting migration to a competent expert is the assurance of a successful project, carried out according to the rules of the trade and in time. In addition, you will relieve your team of this task.

Not all specialists are created equal

For migration at Office 365, not all specialists are equal. And the wrong choice can be very costly for your company! 

Experience: migration tooffice 365 is a very delicate task. Only experts can master the process and advise you on the best choices to make

Project planning and design is very important! It will need to be able to assess the impact of migration on your objectives for network availability, archiving policy and recovery time. 

Let's go further together!

When challenges are difficult to handle internally, it is best to call in a specialist. An external assessment can be of great help. It will be able to guide you in the realisation of your project and give you recommendations.