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Hybrid Cloud Consulting & Advisor Services

  • Take a hybrid approach

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the cloud

  • Create solutions with the leading providers of cloud

  • Control and optimize the costs of cloud

  • How can Lambert Consulting can help you?


Consulting from Lambert Consulting around cloud hybrid is led by industry experts to help your organization examine the underlying granular capabilities of the public, private and hybrid cloud offerings available to you, then design and deploy a solution tailored to your organization that will stand the test of time.

The consultants at Lambert Consulting consultants can provide a comprehensive analysis of your business and technical objectives and your underlying IT roadmap and guide you in areas such as:

  • User experience and devices from which SharePoint 2019 / Office 365 will be accessible
  • 360 degree logical design of all elements involved
  • Limitations of SharePoint 2019 / Office 365 / SharePoint Online / Microsoft Azure / AWS
  • System architecture design, performance planning, scalability
  • Information Architecture (IA) Design
  • Number of servers, database design, server roles, service applications
  • Storage requirements, database size estimation, shredded storage
  • Application management roles cloud required and associated skills

Lambert Consulting provides proven strategies and design services for cloud based infrastructures covering: Office 365 , SharePoint Online, Microsoft Azure, etc.



Lambert Consulting has extensive experience in working with complex environments and understands the key considerations and elements that must be planned, architected and implemented. These complex environmental considerations include those such as:

  • Sharing requirements within your organization
  • Office 365 problems when a user leaves the computer to create a new "environment
  • Multiple server farms and the required transparent security and identity management elements: (i.e. Azure AD , FBA, SAML claims, extranets)


Lambert Consulting Ensure that the key differences between your organization's current disaster recovery or business continuity plan and a disaster recovery (DR) plan based on cloud are addressed. Lambert Consulting Will provide expert disaster recovery planning of cloud hybrid around:

  • SharePoint \ Office 365 SharePoint Online Azure AWS Disaster Recovery Governance
  • Ensure environmental and safety governance of the cloud
  • Ensure that disaster recovery based on cloud has the ability to follow record retention deletion policies in accordance with the organization's approved retention schedule
  • Availability to "recover" or copy backups based on cloud "in-house" for e-discovery or litigation purposes.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Definition SharePoint 2019 SharePoint Online Office 365

Let's go further together!

When challenges are difficult to handle internally, it is best to call in a specialist. An external assessment can be of great help. It will be able to guide you in the realisation of your project and give you recommendations.