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OneDrive for Business

With OneDrive for Business and Microsoft 365, you centrally store your data in the cloud, manage it and share it with anyone, anywhere. All this can be done with the highest security standards.


OneDrive for Business at a glance

Data storage in the Cloud

Use OneDrive Entreprise from your Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Server. Quickly and easily store and synchronize documents from any Office application, SharePoint site, file explorer or directly from the cloud browser, you’ll be able to share and collaborate simultaneously.

Security first

Protect your data with advanced encryption, compliance and security features while giving your employees the ability to share documents internally or externally for modern collaboration. Manage documents with features such as access rights, version management, retrieval and more.

Team work, no matter where you are

Synchronize data on your PC or laptop, smartphone or simply in the browser. Your documents are therefore accessible at any time, wherever you are. Konnekt from Glück & Kanja even eliminates the waiting time when synchronizing large amounts of files and data from OneDrive for Business, and other cloud storage solutions are immediately ready for use.

Meet the needs of new users with more flexibility

Many of our clients are faced with the problem that employees are using free data sharing tools on the Internet to make their work as efficient as possible. For example, as a logical step towards greater flexibility at work, employees drop files into Dropbox or other services to access them from anywhere, with any device. This is a serious security issue for companies.

OneDrive for Business integrates with all other Microsoft 365 services. This allows users to easily log in with their corporate account and password. Outlook offers the possibility to send only a link to the corresponding file in the OneDrive folder instead of an attachment.

If this does not go far enough for security reasons, you can une Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite to specify which devices can connect to OneDrive for Business (conditional access) or specify that files should be stored encrypted on the device in a secure container type (mobile) (application policies). For particularly critical files, a set of rules can be used to ensure that individual files are themselves encrypted and have special rights (Service Rights Management).

The basic requirements for using OneDrive for Business is a connection to the company network via DirSync and ADFS.

Going further together!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any question or suggestion. We will be pleased to answer it by email or phone.