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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Turn your customer relationships into sales!

Sell better and faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales. This solution integrates digital intelligence into every transaction, enabling you to anticipate your customers' needs and offer them personalized service that strengthens the relationship and boosts sales. Partner with experts to support and streamline your Dynamics 365 CRM platform. Whether it's an implementation, mobility or customized Dynamics development and integration research, Lambert Consulting is the partner you need

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Grow your business in a frustrating way

Use integrated digital intelligence and automated business processes to maximise revenue and minimise acquisition costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Optimise your sales by focusing on the essentials

Optimise the performance of your sales team by reducing unproductive tasks and helping your salespeople focus on the essentials.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Work more efficiently to succeed faster

Close sales faster through efficient working methods, collaboration and the use of contextual information from your sales management software.

Benefit from smarter business features

Usable data

Empower your sales team with predictive analytics, digital intelligence and automated lead scoring. Plus, with signals from the Sales app and Office 365 that help them assess their customer relationships, your team can leverage all the tools they need to decide what to do next.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Personal involvement
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Draw on the knowledge and experience of your team through customised meeting minutes, events and business documents with real-time collaboration features. Use OneNote in sales management software to take notes and share your work.

Customer management

Help your sales team focus on the right leads, contacts, and opportunities while growing your sales pipeline. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides you with data from social networks, up-to-date company information and an integrated sales process to help your salespeople know when and how to engage with customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Sales performance
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Motivate your sales team with a perfect combination of information and collaboration. Easy-to-use dashboards allow you to set meaningful goals and monitor results. Built-in help allows you to adjust your team's behaviours based on best practices. In addition, gamification promotes positive competition.

The services we offer

...and for which we are regularly called upon!

Implementation and deployment

Help companies implement and configure Dynamics 365 to align with their specific processes and requirements.

Business process consulting

Analyze a company's business processes and advise on how to optimize them using Dynamics 365.

Analysis and reports

Use Dynamics 365's analytics tools to create customized reports and dashboards, providing information for informed decision-making.

Migration and data integration

Help companies migrate data from legacy systems to Dynamics 365 and integrate Dynamics 365 with other enterprise applications for a unified system.

Power BI strategy and consulting

Ensure Dynamics 365 deployment complies with industry standards and regulations, and implement security measures to protect sensitive data.

Services Cloud

Help deploy Dynamics 365 on platforms cloud, such as Azure, for improved scalability and accessibility.

Training and support

Provide training to employees for effective use of Dynamics 365 and offer ongoing support to ensure smooth operation.

Power BI implementation

Offering specialist consultancy for Dynamics 365 CRM modules, helping companies improve customer relationships and streamline operations.


To the delight of our customers we have upgraded their ageing telephony systems to new collaborative solutions.  


Multinationals / Large companies

For 29 years, we have been supporting major international groups in the deployment of ICT solutions. Our rigorous approach and in-depth knowledge of most Microsoft tools enable us to bring you real added value in your deployments.

Medium-sized companies

Our extensive experience in deploying Microsoft solutions in multinationals is welcomed by smaller companies who understand the benefits of working with a strong partner. The total cost and time to implement their projects is reduced. 


Dynamics 365 consulting services

Discover unparalleled business transformation with our Dynamics 365 consulting services. Expert advice, tailored solutions and innovative strategies to improve your operations and drive growth.

Our published projects on Dynamics 365

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