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Modern Management with Microsoft Intune

What is Microsoft Intune ?

Intune is a service cloud in the enterprise mobility management space that keeps your workforce productive while protecting your corporate data. This solution is integrated into the solution Microsoft Endpoint Manager just like SCCM.

With Intune, you can :

  • Manage the Android or iOS mobile devices and PCs running Windows 10 that your staff uses to access company data.
  • Manage the mobile applications that your staff use.
  • Protect your company information by controlling how your staff access and share it.
  • Check that devices and applications comply with the company's security requirements.

Intune is the component of the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) solution in Microsoft 365. The solution manages PCs, Macs, applications and mobile devices. Intune integrates tightly with other EMS components such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD ) for identity and access control, and Azure Information Protection for data protection. 

Why use Intune ?

For several years now, companies have been asking for a unified experience for their employees on all the terminals available to them. In two words, to have the same rights, the same applications, regardless of the location of the employee, and regardless of the terminal (PC, smartphone or tablet), while respecting the security and confidentiality rules of the company.



Support secure management of iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices regardless of the device (PC, smartphone or tablet) available to your users with a single solution.

As a result, you can simplify and automate many tasks: deployment, provisioning, policy management, delivery and application updates.


Microsoft Intune supports data protection even when you are not managing the devices used by your employees or partners to access work files.

Application protection policies Intune provide precise control over data Microsoft 365 on mobile devices with or without device registration.


Microsoft Intune ensures that your IT system stays current with a highly scalable architecture of globally distributed cloud services.

Take advantage of theintelligence of cloud to receive lessons and baselines for your security policies and configuration settings.


By optimising the remote management of your employees' work experience, become operational without compromising the security of their data and with the peace of mind of our expert team.

Gold Microsoft Partner, Lambert Consulting and its specialist teams take care of the deployment of the Microsoft system Intune and the necessary support included in your subscription.


Smaller organizations or organizations with a "cloud first" strategy also face challenges in using device management systems based on cloud that can protect all the different types and brands of devices. Having one product not only simplifies administration, but common policies can be applied to all device types and new product features and functionality are built into the platform by Microsoft. With Intune, you can: 

Choose to be 100% cloud with Intune, or to be co-managed with Configuration Manager/SCCM and Intune. Note that your ConfigMgr client licenses are included with Intune. 

Define rules and configure settings on personal and organisationally owned devices to access data and networks. 

Deploy and authenticate applications across devices - on-premise and mobile. 

Protect your company's information by controlling how users access and share information. 

Ensure that devices and applications comply with your security requirements. 

Provide support for personal devices or a policy BYOD.

Control features and settings on Android, Android Enterprise, iOS / iPadOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

Use Autopilot to wrap new Windows 10 devices 

The services we offer

...and for which we are regularly called upon!

  • Audit with proposals (advantage/disadvantage) to move towards or away from Intune

  • Audit with scenario/task descriptions for migrating from VMware Workspace One to Microsoft Intune

  • Implementation of the Co-Management with Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Intune / Best Practice.
  • Migration from your current solution to Intune.
  • Creation of scopes/roles to separate the visibility of your devices by region/branch/subsidiary wordwide manager, etc.
  • Creation of fonts that can be applied per device group.
  • Advice on Apple/Android device management + Best Practice for good application/functionality enrolment and control.
  • Carrying out a PoC or Pilot with Intune within your company.
  • Supporting IT teams, business lines and employees through change.

  • Level 3 support (and 4 for communications with Microsoft support)


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Multinationals / Large companies

For 27 years, we have been assisting large international groups with the deployment of ICT solutions. Our rigorous work and our strong knowledge of most of the Microsoft tools allow us to bring you real added value in your deployments.

Medium-sized companies

Our extensive experience in deploying Microsoft solutions in multinationals is welcomed by smaller companies who understand the benefits of working with a strong partner. The total cost and time to implement their projects is reduced. 




With the evolution of technology, there has been a rapid shift to mobile computing over the past decade. Today's mobile devices have the same computing power as yesterday's desktop computers. In an ever-growing portfolio of devices, capabilities, applications and features, organizations are increasingly challenged to deliver modern IT services. All while maintaining the highest levels of security and data protection. 

Our experts will assist you in the implementation of Microsoft Intune to allow you to deploy, manage and secure all your terminals (PC under Windows 10, Mac, Smartphone, Iphone, Teams Rooms Systems, ...). Or, we will help you to put Configuration Manager in Co-management with Intune to allow you a slow transition to the modern IT management.

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