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The right technology,

at the right time,

at the right price,

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of super-consultants.


We create a positive impact through expertise IT.

Passionate IT, Tech and Security Experts

High Quality Consulting

We have helped several global organizations transform their businesses with our digital expertise. We have enabled them to leverage several cutting-edge technologies. We have developed a unique methodology and structured approach to achieve digital transformation with a shared vision. Our certified and highly skilled technology specialists have a robust and practical approach to innovate, disrupt and accelerate your business to scale. High value and quality consulting, analysis, design, integration and implementation of the most complex IT/ICT solutions. IT Strategy, IT Architecture, etc.

Placement / Sourcing

Whatever the profile and duration of the mission, ask us for a specialized resource, Business Analyst, Transformation Manager, JAVA, ASP.NE, PHP, C#, Azure & M365 Developer Cloud Architect, Project Manager or Program Manager, ... We have or will find the person you are looking for.

Support Level 3-4

On an "as a Service" model, you delegate to us the management of your infrastructure IT, your services Microsoft 365 or those on Microsoft Azure.

You need the right expert IT

Do not compromise on quality.


We are not computer scientists.

You read it right

We are not just computer scientists, we like challenges, we like to make simple what is not simple, and above all, we like things done well. 
A family business on a human scale, dynamic, perennial and with 27 years of experience in theIT. Microsoft expert Gold Partner for 13 consecutive years, we deliver high value-added IT engineering services for our Swiss and international clients.
We are engineers, experts, integrators, entrepreneurs, leaders, project managers. Simple, open-minded, ambitious, curious, creative and resourceful.
technical competence

Hello, we are Lambert Consulting

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We are recruiting

Imagine working in a rapidly changing environment where there are open-minded, ambitious, curious, creative and resourceful people. We are always looking for great people and if you can imagine working here, this could be the place for you.

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