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Delegation / Sourcing

Do you need experienced IT staff?

Lambert Consulting has been providing IT expertise since 1995. We know the IT market inside out and are constantly in touch with the different professionals in our field, so we will find talented candidates to meet the challenges you face. As an authorized recruitment agent, we will provide your business with the personnel you need. We can perform a one-off talent search on your behalf, or you can hire one of our consultants on an indefinite or fixed-term basis.

What is a talent and how do we spot them?

At first, we will look at the candidate’s background, the schools he attended and the companies he worked for. However, this will not be enough to determine if he is suited to work in your company and to carry out the mission you will entrust him. This is why, once our experts have evaluated the technical skills, we also take time to evaluate 3 key factors. The combination of these key factors is what we call an individual’s natural talents. That is to say all those things that a person il able to present, to do and this at the highest level, while remaining natural.

Our 3 key factors


What he / she can do…

This factor corresponds to a person’s intellectual agility, his or her reasoning abilities, the speed at which the person thinks.


What he / she wants…

We will be able to understand what the basics needs are. What motivates this person.


Who he / she is…

Finally, the personality will allow us to have a visibility on the behaviours that a person is going to present. Whether it’s in a standard or stressful position.


Do you need resources to support you in your daily tasks or your project?

(LSE Authorized)

We already have or will find the person you are looking for.

Regardless the profile or duration of the mission, ask us for a specialized resource Azure & O365 Cloud Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, … 

Our vocation is to bring  you a real local service. Therefore, we do not hesitate to come and meet you in order to gather the required qualities and  offer you the ideal talent that will closely or perfectly suits to your needs.