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Microsoft SharePoint

"The way to work together

SharePoint is a platform that allows you to store, share your documents, work with colleagues, organise your projects and consult all information from any workstation.

The features of Sharepoint

Document management

SharePoint offers you a place to store all your written and visual documentation of any size. Your Word files, Publisher files, Powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, video presentations and all other documentation will be stored in one place and accessible by everyone. Your documents will be organized as you wish, accessible by your collaborators and you will have no more worries about transferring or sending documents.

With SharePoint, you no longer have to consult your files from the office. You can consult these documents from any computer, mobile phone or tablet simply by connecting to the server.

Work more easily and without wasting time, whether at home or on the move.

Website creation

SharePoint creates websites for the intranet, extranet, people outside the organisation or simply your own website. These sites will help you to organise your projects in the best possible way.

You can customize your sites while creating forums, lists, libraries.


This feature helps you work with others by sharing your documents, presentations, videos, databases, calendar, tasks. This property also applies to the company's social network.

With the renovation of this functionality, you can simply improve, consolidate and intensify your collaboration within your company.

Search engine

The search aspect of SharePoint allows you to find your file, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation in just a few clicks, but also your answers to your questions.

Business Intelligence

SharePoint helps you bring the information together to better understand and organise your content so that you can analyse your data for better business performance.



Make all your content available.


Keep up to date with everything

Reduce your costs

Reduce your IT costs.


Edit a file at the same time as one of your colleagues.


Work together on the same document


Improve productivity and meet business needs.

The services we offer

...and for which we are regularly called upon!

  • Audit with proposal to go or not to go to SharePoint Online - Microsoft 365
  • Audit with proposals for a migration of your Server OnPremise SharePoint to a hosting company.
  • Migration to SharePoint Online
  • Migration from your current DMS to SharePoint Online
  • Migration from SharePoint Online (Tenant A) to SharePoint Online (Tenant B)
  • Full integration of the solution SharePoint.
  • Setting up your business process workflows.
  • Business analysis and drafting of specifications
  • Documentation
  • ...



We are pleased to share with you the sites where we have implemented the SharePoint solution. Please ask us by email or at our next meeting.

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