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Microsoft SharePoint &

SharePoint Online

“The way to work together”

SharePoint is a platform that lets you store and share your documents, work collaboratively with colleagues, organize your projects and access all information from any workstation.

Key Features of SharePoint

Document Management

SharePoint gives you a place to stores all your text and multimedia content, no matter the size of the file. Your Word documents, Pubisher files, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, videos and other documents are all stored in a gingle place that everyone with the right  can acces (as long as the person has the rights access).

With SharePoint, you no longer have to be at the office to access the documents you need. Simply connect to the server to view your documents from any computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Working from home or on the move becomes time efficient and hassle free.

Microsoft SharePoint

Creating sites

SharePoint enables you to create interne sites for your intranet and extranet, for people outside your organization and for your own website. These sites will optimize the way you organize your projects.

You can personalize your sites with forums, lists and document libraries.


This feature helps you to work collaboratively by sharing your documents, presntations, videos, databases, calendar and tasks. It also encompasses your company’s social media platforms.

With this new and improved feature, you will improve, consolidate and enhance the way your team members collaborate.

Search Engine

SharePoint’s search function means that in only a few clicks you can access the file, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation you need, and find the answers to your questions.

Business Intelligence

SharePoint brings information together so that your content can be better organized and understood, enabling you to analyze data and maximize your company’s performance.



Make all your content availaible.

Easy to trace

Get the information you need.

Cost efficient

Reduce your expenditure on IT


Edit a file at the same time as a colleague


Work collaboratively on the same document.


Increase your productivity and react to your business needs.

The services we offer

…which are constantly in demand !

  • Comprehensive analysis of whether to move Office 365,
  • Comprehensive analysis of whether to migrate your on-premises SharePoint servers to a host,
  • Full integration of the SharePoint solution,
  • Configuration of your business workflows,
  • Business analysis and specification writing
  • Documentation



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