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Admin by Request (FastTrack)

How does it work?

You are probably reading this because you know you have a problem. Either your company allows users to retain local administrator rights, or you need to perform countless remote installations. We can solve this problem for you with little effort and, at the same time, free up your IT resources.

We have customers with tens of thousands of users, who have tried to implement whitelisting solutions, but failed and came to us, because this way you can only see the world in retrospect. Your users will hate you for blocking their workday. Even with unlimited resources, no one can predict what your users need today. Instead of speculating on this by creating whitelists in advance, Admin By Request works proactively the other way around. If your users start installing software, the Admin By Request client intercepts it and installs the software with a full audit trail - without the users being administrators. It's like self-checkout at the supermarket.

It's also more secure than traditional whitelisting solutions - just because an administrator whitelists a file doesn't mean it's safe. We scan files in real time with over 35 antivirus engines before allowing those files to run with administrative privileges.

Nothing needs to be installed or modified on site. Users don't need to be re-educated and no one in IT needs to spend endless hours on whitelists or remote installations. All you have to do is deploy the endpoint software Admin By Request. This ease of use is why we offer the fastest growing Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in the world.

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