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System Center Operation Manager

System Center Operations Manager allows you to easily monitor your IT services,  grows with your organization and environment, and encompasses all the knowledge of Microsoft applications and operating systems you need to quickly fix functional problems.


Operations Manager relies on the System Definition Model (SDM) to monitor, in addition to the traditional server, logical services as well as other entities. This news management infrastructure enables Operations Manager to understand the structures of services and applications, monitor the overall operation of services and applications in the form of a state machine, and provide guidelines for the administration of service and application state transitions. Thanks to this infrastructure, Operations Manager can carry out summary transactions and model, with greater precision, the application services to be tested and data to be collected.

End-to-end service monitoring

Operations Manager monitors applications, infrastructure and user satisfaction to administer services throughout their lifecycle.

Microsoft knowledge

Operations Manager leverages the knowledge of Microsoft’s Server, Client and Application teams to accelerate problem resolution.

Reliability and security

Reliable and secure solution, Operations Manager ensures the proper operation of IT services and application.

Operational efficiency

Integrated and interoperable  solution, operations Manager aims to simplify the administration of your IT environment.

Going further together !

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