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System Center Operation Manager

System Center Operations Manager makes it easy to monitor your IT services, grows with your business and environment, and encompasses all the Microsoft application and operating system knowledge you need to quickly address functional issues.


Operations Manager uses the System Definition Model (SDM) to monitor logical services and other entities in addition to the traditional server. This new management infrastructure allows Operations Manager to understand service and application structures, monitor the overall operation of services and applications as a state machine, and provide guidelines for managing service and application state transitions. With this infrastructure, Operations Manager can perform summary transactions and more accurately model the application services to be tested and the data to be collected.

End-to-end service monitoring

Operations Manager monitors applications, infrastructure and user satisfaction in order to manage services throughout their lifecycle.

Microsoft knowledge

Operations Manager leverages the knowledge of Microsoft's Server, Client and Application teams to speed up problem resolution.

Reliability and safety

Operations Manager is a reliable and secure solution that keeps IT services and applications running smoothly.

Operational efficiency

Operations Manager is an integrated and interoperable solution designed to simplify the administration of your IT environment.

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