Managed services

Outsource your information system to us so that you can focus on running your business!
Managed services means outsourcing all or part of the running of your information system to an IT services provider. The main objective is to reduce maintenance costs while retaining your oversight of the information system.

The advantages of working with us

Lambert Consulting offers you the technical expertise to guarantee that your information system runs smoothly.

Varied Expertise

We analyze, diagnose and anticipate faults by working with your computer fleet and a full range of critical factors—servers, operating systems, backups, storage, network, security, email and business software.

In-depth experience

You will benefit from our in-depth experience of providing security solutions and putting the right measures in place, such as managing passwords, internet access, wifi access, and company IT policies.

Work with a human-scale business

You will speak regularly with your points of contact—your appointed commercial partner and your technical advisor. They will explain what work has been completed, and what needs to be done to improve your information system.

Outsourcing your IT services gives you time to focus on what is important: the performance of your business. That is our overarching aim. We provide personalized support so that you can reach your performance goals.

Going further? – 021 806 37 15 –

We aspire to deliver a genuine customer-centered, local service. That’s why we will visit you to find out the fundamental needs of your project. This way we can craft an outsourcing plan that is tailored to your business.