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What is it exactly?

SphereShield is a security platform designed to enable organizations to manage access control, compliance, and threat protection issues. The SphereShield platform is based on a proprietary reverse proxy with extensible multi-protocol filtering capabilities and an administrator site for product management, reporting and configuration.

SphereShield can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud as a CASB (Cloud Security Access Broker).

The platform forms the basis of AGAT’s solutions for Skype for Business and ADFS and can be used to meet the security requirements of other products.

Services offered by the SphereShield platform

Identity and control access

Multi-factor authentication

With additional factors for the login other than credentials, the login process becomes more secure, without interfering with users’ daily work. SphereShield enables authentication based on device registration or mobile client applications. In addition, the solution includes a self-service portal for device management.

MDM device verification

Integration with leading MDM vendors on both the customer and services sides. Integration allows you to define restrictions for the access-based security level of the device and block it when a device becomes non-compliant. Current vendors supported by SphereShield: MobileIron, IBM MaaS360, VMWare AirWatch, BlackBerry, Citrix XenMobile.

Account lock protection

Account locking via DoS /DDoS attacks poses a significant threat to any service that relies on secure authentication, such as Skype for Business or any ADFS-based cloud service. By sending multiple unsuccessful login attempts under a single username, an attacker can easily lock down an account. SphereShield offers a unique solution to block such attacks, which will still allow authorized users to continue accessing cloud services even while the attacks is in progress.




Data loss prevention

Inspect content sent via different protocols such as HTTPS, SIP and ActiveSync and ensure that no sensitive information is transmitted. The SphereShield DLP engine can be used alone or integrated with leading vendors including Symantec, McAfee and ForcePoint.

Data governance and e-discovery

Data governance is the ability to control your data: access it when you need it and dispose of it when you don’t. SphereShield provides tools to quickly access and manage your data. The module enables advanced data search and easy removal of obsolete information.

Ethical Wall

SphereShield enables organizations to implement communication control policies based on various parameters such as user or groups, ensuring tight control of communication and compliance with regulatory requirements. Control capabilities cover the establishment of communication as well as the operations that should be allowed in the communication.

Threat detection and prevention

Détection of user and network behaviour 

SphereShield allows administrators to define user and network behaviour to detect anomalies such as impossible travel or unusual traffic volumes.

Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus

SphereShield inspects traffic for malware or viruses in the DMZ before it reaches the network or enters the cloud. This module is integrated with leading vendors such as Kaspersky.

Security Audits and Events

Record safety-related activities and triggering events for SEIM and SCOM systems.

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