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Ribbon Communications

(old name: Sonus)

Evolve your traditional telephony to VoIP

We have supported businesses large and small as they upgrade their traditional phone system to an IP phone system from Audiocodes. This technology gives you the all the benefits of converged VoIP and data networking. As we work in close partnership with Audiocodes and Ribbon Communications, we are best placed to advise you when you choose VoIP gateways.
sonus sbc 1000

A versatile VoIP gateway


In this situation, the gateway lets you make and receive calls over the normal phone network. When you convert to VoIP, you are laying the platform for your company to become a truly digital workplace, because a VoIP system will support a unified communications solution like Skype for Business or Teams.

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When you do this, the VoIP gateway independently routes calls from your PBX system to a public network or VoIP provider. This solution will reduce your telecommunication costs. Certain VoIP gateways will automatically revert to a traditional connection (ISDN, analogue or GSM) if there is a fault with your SIP provider.

There are three solutions for connecting your Skype for Business infrastructure to the public network

Solution 1

If your provider supplies an analogue, basic-rate ISDN, or primary-rate ISDN connection, it will act as the gateway and transform the ISDN or analogue signal into an SIP and vice versa.

Solution 2

If your provider supplies a SIP Trunk, your gateway will be an SBC (Session Border Controller). This guarantees security with a firewall and network isolation. An SBC will also let you route calls with intelligent and dynamic routing, convert between different number formats, convert from one SIP standard to another (from UDP to TCP), and perform transcoding (from one codec to another).

Solution 3

Use analogue ports, for example fax, modem, etc.

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