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KEMP Technologies

Since 2000, KEMP Technologies have supplied their LoadMaster load balancers to businesses of all sizes, offering top-of-the-range performance levels, attractive pricing and superior technical support. KEMP’s load balancers are excellent value, with high availability, traffic optimization and scalability of critical application management.

Features of the whole KEMP Technologies range

Load balancing Layer 4 and Layer 7

SSL Relay, Acceleration and Offload

Advanced health checking of servers: ping, connection and L7 conversation

IPS Security

Applications acceleration (data caching) and compression

The LoadMaster load balancers from KEMP support a wide array of web applications and critical applications from the best providers in the market, such as Microsoft, VMware, Oracle and IBM.

Flexible deployment

LoadMaster load balancers can be deployed in many different ways


Hardware load balancers

KEMP’s ready-to-rack modules deliver a maximum application throughput of 30 Gbps and SSL acceleration on an embedded ASIC.


Virtual load balancers

KEMP’s virtual load balancers offer the same features as their hardware-based products, which reach application throughputs of up to 10 Gbps and 12,000 SSL TPS on the main hypervisors, such as ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VirtualBox, Xen.


Cloud load balancers

Optimized for hybrid cloud infrastructures, KEMP’s IaaS- and PaaS-specialized virtual load balancers enable clients to transfer workloads from their private data centre to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or VMware vCloud Air.


Bare-metal load balancers

As the only ADC provider that works on bare-metal operating systems, KEMP enables you to convert your Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Oracle or Cisco x86 server into a high-performance Layer 4–7 load balancer, which meets the heaviest throughput and processing demands.

KEMP Technologies et Microsoft

KEMP’s load balancers fully support Microsoft’s main unified communications solutions, including Exchange, Lync/Skype for Business, SharePoint, ADFS, IIS, Dynamics and Remote Desktop Services. With an ergonomic interface and intuitive deployment manuals, KEMP enables you to speed up the deployment of a range of Microsoft applications.

KEMP with us

Beyond performance: quality.

Years of experience with KEMP products

Responsive customer care

Versatile and experienced engineers

High-quality service at all levels

International standing

Quality label

Going further together !

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