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Give your mobile users the power of Skype for Business with Spectralink wireless!

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Spectralink offers the only wireless mobile solutions that are accredited for Microsoft® Skype for Business®. These solutions dovetail with devices that have been approved for Skype for Business. Spectralink DECT solutions make your workstations mobile. Our clients approve: they find that their staff work more efficiently, and that they make a return on its investment.

Advantages of Spectralink wireless


Spectralink’s DECT solutions have been tried, tested and certified by Microsoft.

Return on Investment

Improve efficiency and productivity while reducing admin costs and waiting times

Simple to run

Running your phone system becomes easier and more flexible because your IT department can oversee, manage and modify the system centrally.


Make your users mobile. They will be more productive, communicate more easily and become more motivated. This solution works in a host of different settings, particularly those where vertical communication is paramount such as sales, healthcare and manufacturing.


Wireless handsets can be customized to satisfy the needs of each employee and the demands of the sector.

Direct integration

Spectralink offers wired and wireless telephony solutions that are unique. These solutions integrate with Skype for Business without the need for a gateway. This seamless integration makes setting up and running the system much simpler, which reduces equipment and labour costs while bringing you a quicker return on your investment. You stand to gain because the system is installed quickly, it is less complex to run and you have more control. Running your phone system becomes easier and more flexible because your IT department is able manage, modify and oversee the system centrally.

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