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GFI FaxMaker

…cost-effective, efficient, scalable, simple and secure.

GFI FaxMaker is a fax server that automates faxing, making it cost-effective, efficient, scalable, simple and secure. GFI FaxMaker enables users to easily send and receive faxes by email, via the GFI FaxMaker web client or with other integrated applications. With a broad range of connectivity options to suit your infrastructure and business needs, GFI FaxMaker will integrate perfectly into your existing business processes and will bring an immediate return on your investment.

The advantages for you

Increase your efficiency and boost your productivity

The old days are over: no more standing at the fax machine waiting for a confirmation or an incoming fax.

Leverage your existing applications

Build on the way you use your existing business applications such as back- and front-office applications and messaging, without incurring additional software or training costs.


Automatic inbound routing ensures faxes are directly sent to the recipient’s desktop, thus eliminating the risk that they are discarded or read by an unintended recipient.

Reduce costs

One fax can take up to 10 minutes to send, if sent manually. Labour costs can quickly escalate. Electronic faxing takes a matter of seconds, so you save time and money.


Automate time-consuming manual processes

GFI FaxMaker integrates with your on-site or cloud-based messaging server so users send and receive faxes and SMS messages with their mailbox client. You save time and resources, and you reduce the risk of confidential faxes being read by unauthorized people or lost. GFI FaxMaker also brings you powerful APIs to integrate with other applications and handle and distribute large volumes of faxes.

Archive faxes and SMS messages simplify management and e-discovery

Your administrators can quickly and easily search for archived faxes using GFI FaxMaker’s Archive Viewer. An optical character recognition (OCR) module is available for searching and retrieving faxes and SMS messages using your mailbox client or an email archiving solution. Integrating an archiving solution into your business processes will enable your business to save, search and retrieve faxes and SMS messages, reducing response times and improving the efficiency with which you deal with e-discovery requests and internal inquiries.

Compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA and data protection laws

GFI FaxMaker offers you robust data protection, providing your business with a secure and verifiable means of sending and receiving confidential faxes. Automatic inbound routing ensures faxes are directly sent to the recipient’s desktop, thus eliminating the risk that they are discarded or read by an unintended recipient.

Virtual fax server

When our clients choose to use GFI FaxMaker in a virtual environment, the see the financial benefit immediately. The total cost of ownership of their fax solution is considerably lowered, and they have a vital tool for securing business continuity. The solution simplifies their IT management commitments, reduces their general costs and consumes less energy.

Hybrid faxing

Hybrid faxing means that you get all the benefits of online fax services when you use GFI FaxMaker. The professional features of an on-site fax server combine with the simplicity of cloud-based fax services. This solution eliminates the need for a phone line, modems, fax card or connection to a PABX. All you need is GFI FaxMaker, an account with a supported service and an Internet connection.

Fax over Internet Protocol (FOIP)

It is easy to send faxes via your IP infrastructure. GFI FaxMaker integrates with your existing PABX IP or with your T.38 VoIP service provider, to give you Fax over Internet Protocol with no need to purchase any extra equipment. The FoIP feature in GFI FaxMaker can also be used for Least Cost Routing (LCR), which brings down the cost of international calls by converting them to local calls.

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