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FortiGate : Next generation firewall (NGFW)


Companies are thinking about how to optimize the security of their companies, using intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware and application control functions. They nevertheless undergo a real complexity linked to these different autonomous and non-integrated tools, and to the lack of visibility on all of these products. Analyst Gartner estimates that in 2019, 80% of corporate traffic will be encrypted and that 50% of attacks targeting these companies will be hidden in encrypted traffic to better infiltrate the network or exfiltrate data. More than ever, it becomes imperative to inspect HTTPS traffic.

The next generation FortiGate firewall capitalizes on custom security processors and standby services offered by FortiGuard Labs: first-class protection, optimal performance and inspection of encrypted and unencrypted traffic are waiting for you. FortiGate promotes cost and complexity control, thanks to total visibility at the heart of applications, users and networks, and with a tightly integrated security perspective. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiGate communicates with all other Fortinet solutions, as well as with third-party solutions in a heterogeneous environment, to share intelligence and enhance security.

Main features

Efficient threats protection


Industry-leading threat protection and SSL inspection performance effectively protects against hidden malware in encrypted traffic.

Proven security effectiveness


Permanent and relevant threat watch protects against known and unknown threats.

Sensitive applications protection

Scalable segmentation and low latency ensure network segments protection.

Evaluate risks permanently and automatically

An automated workflow and audit functions help security teams, whose workforce is often limited, and ensure compliance.

Security Fabric integration


Ensures the sharing of threat information across the entire attack surface to speed up and automate protection.

Professional quality security administration

Offers consistent security rules. A unified interface makes it possible to manage security resources, regardless of their location and format.


Welcome to secure future !

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