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Attendant Pro

Attendant Pro

The Lync Attendant of Choice for Skype for Business, Lync & Office 365

Click Call Handling

Attendant Pro is designed to make call transfer and handling as efficient as possible and common tasks can be completed in one click. Definable shortcuts mean the experience can be optimized for the user.


Familiar & Easy to use

The user interface is just like Skype for Business and Lync so that users already familiar with the Microsoft UI will be right at home in Attendant Pro. This means less training and transition time to Attendant Pro.

Simple to implement

The software is literally seconds to install. Because there are no server component requirements this results in less IT involvement in the process to roll out. If IT wants to roll out setting centrally, standard GPO can be used leveraging IT’s existing expertise.

Full UC Functionality

Since Attendant Pro runs side by side with the Skype for Business or Lync client your attendant users don’t need to give up any functionality: screen sharing, video, meetings and group instant message works just like they always did.

Full Device Support

Attendant Pro supports Lync Phone Edition with USB Better Together, Lync Qualified IP phones such as Polycom VVX, Yealink and Audiocodes HD that support Better Together over Ethernet. All other Skype for Business or Lync Optimized USB headsets and handset are supported with Attendant Pro.


  • Make console operators more productive,efficient & satisfied.
  • Complete your Lync / Skype for Business Enterprise Voice solution with minimal IT impact with 1 minute installation & zero additional servers.
  • Select the Lync / Skype for Business Qualified or Optimized device of your choice to pair with Attendant Pro for zero compromise.
  • Your key Lync / Skype for Business users get the complete UC experience and functionality.
Attendant Pro

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