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On this page you will find all the products we offer for recording and cost reporting.

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With Verint Verba, you can integrate business-wide UC recording capabilities into your Skype for Business platform. And this across all its communication modes: voice, instant messaging, video, home screen, screen sharing and application sharing and whiteboard).

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More and more devices are connected to a host of different telecommunication networks, from traditional phone systems (TDM) to VoIP, not to mention mobile technologies like GSM, WIFI and DECT. That’s why it is imperative to keep a close watch on how these devices are used, and to check and approve bills at an organisational level. If your company is to reach its potential, you must be able to evaluate the quality of your phone service, manage your communication devices and identify misuse. Flexcom offers a range of solutions called Calltax, which will enable you to rise to these challenges.

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UC Provisioning Tool lets you manage:
1. Sites and users
2. Phone number ranges
3. Standard phones and IP phones
4. Provisioning for your Skype for Business and Exchange users
5. Migration to Enterprise Voice
6. Billing and reporting

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The MaxACD client for Skype for Business gives your agents and their supervisors a unified desktop application. This solution gives you the benefit of automatic call distribution and call queuing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a call log, reports in real time and the ability to manage remote agents.


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We are a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner. For over ten years, our satisfied clients have chosen to work with us because of the quality of our products and the experience of our engineers.

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Do you want a unified communications solution that integrates natively with your Microsoft tools? And a solution that never goes down?